Literary route through Borriana and the Sea

A literary, inclusive and sustainable tourism experience

  • Aina Monferrer Universitat de València
Palavras-chave: Literary Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Literary Route, Genre Perspective, Hydrophilic Encounters and Divulgation


This article offers the design of a literary route that follows the coastline of a medium-sized Valencian city that has not yet been exploited as a massive tourist destination. The route has been designed with the aim of promoting local literature and landscape, attracting visitors interested in cultural and sustainable tourism, with gender and ecological sensitivity, allowing visitors to discover the many facets of the interaction between the inhabitants of Borriana and the sea. In addition, this literary route will be used as educational material in local schools, with which this route becomes a didactic and informative product at the same time for both visitors and locals. The text begins with a review of the main concepts related to literature and tourism in contact with the Mediterranean Sea. Next, it is explained how the literary route has been strategically adapted, avoiding to be a decontextualized touristic product: local authors, social awareness and other particular idiosyncrasies; for instance, the wide range of water sports that Borriana hosts.