MAD Clarinet 3.0: Dialogues with my computer

Palavras-chave: Clarinet, Performance, Static Artificial Intelligence, TAI


MAD Clarinet 3.0 is an article that discusses a Static Artificial Intelligence (SAI) system, dialoguing with a clarinet performance under a Tangible Acoustic Interface (TAI) system and using the software Max/MSP. The TAI system, working through solid vibrations, enables the use of the clarinet as an interface to trigger the computer’s sonic response, employing the parametrisation of the clarinet´s sonic characteristics, such as pitch and duration. This dialogue is made from the harmonic and melodic point of view, and, whereas the harmonic paths are chosen randomly – from among several possibilities – by the computer, the melodic paths are made by measuring the clarinettist preferences in real-time. Throughout the document, it will discuss the concepts, the system, the patches, and potentialities. Thus, this article arises from the junction of a clarinet – under a TAI system – with an SAI system and, from the artistic point of view, using a computer as a performative partner with an essential role.


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Travasso, R., & Marques, L. (2024). MAD Clarinet 3.0: Dialogues with my computer. Rotura – Revista De Comunicação, Cultura E Artes, 4(1), 212-219.
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